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1. Competition commences a ½ hour before the NRL’s first game kicks off.

2. Cost for competition is Adult – $40 and Child (under 18) – $30 with adult member
Children will be members of the main competition and are eligible for the main cash prizes in addition to bonus prizes for the top 3 placed child members.

3. Tipping sheets must be in the competition box before kick-off of the first NRL or AFL game of each round (Please see draw sheets for game dates and times – note some Thursday games and early start times). Late sheets must be handed to bar staff to record the day & time submitted and any games already started will be scored as the away team.

4. Cash prizes will be for 1st – $1000, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $300 and last – $100.
Child bonus prizes – to be advised based on child member numbers.
Bonus Mystery/Novelty place prizes will be determined by The Amble Inn.

5. To be eligible for last place prize – you must submit a tipping sheet every week.

6. Scoring – 1 point given for each correctly picked winning team. 0 points for a draw. Bonus points – 1 bonus point for picking either a full NRL round (8 games no byes) or a full AFL round (9 games no byes). 3 bonus points for picking both NRL and AFL full round (17 games no byes).

7. Competitors who do not submit a sheet for a round will be given the lowest points scored for that round.

8. Double Points Round – competitors must nominate one round within the competition once both the NRL & AFL seasons have commenced for double points by ticking the box provided on the tipping sheet. If the box has not been selected by the end of the season, the double points will be applied to last round. Competitors double points round will be identified by an asterix on the points tally sheet.

9. Enquiries regarding marking or progressive score should be made with the hotel management.

10. The judges’ decision is final.

11. Mid-season and presentation parties are free to members. Member Guests will need to pay a fee of $30 and RSVP is essential for both members and guests.