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  • All Members need to provide details to staff to be recorded on the ‘Members Draw Listing’.
  • All Members must be 18 years or over to register in the Member’s Draw.
  • Staff that have registered in the Member’s Draw are not permitted to win the Member’s Draw whilst working on an allocated shift.  This extends to Bistro/Kitchen Staff also.
  • To win the Member’s Draw, the registered Member must be on the premises at the time of the draw.
  • Patrons who are eligible to win have 4 minutes to claim their prize.
  • Member’s that may have received a ban or penalty from the hotel are still entitled to be registered in the Member’s Draw, unless the Manager or Licensee determines otherwise.  NOTE: Whilst the member is banned, they are not permitted on the premises; therefore they cannot win the Member’s Draw at any time during a banner period (even if just visiting the Bottle Shop).
  • If a registered Member is drawn and the member is not present at the hotel, the draw will jackpot by a further $50.00 the following week.
  • If the Member’s Draw is won, the Member’s Draw Jackpot will restart again at $500.00.
  • *NSW Permit No LTPM/16/00173
  • Updated 24.03.2016