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Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) refers to the service, consumption and promotion of alcoholic products in a manner that minimizes the potential harm that may be caused by excessive alcohol consumption to individuals, their families and the community generally.

– No alcoholic beverages are to be served or supplied to persons under the age of 18.
– Non-alcoholic or low-alcoholic beverages are provided for and are priced lowered than the full strength beverage.
– Water is available on a complimentary basis.
– No admission permitted to intoxicated patrons.
– Refusal of service to intoxicated patrons.
– The Amble Inn seeks to create an environment that discourages drunken, disruptive or violent behavior.
– The Amble Inn does not seek to encourage rapid or excessive consumption of alcohol through pricing.
– If a customer is refused to service, a Supervisor will politely explain to the patron that the premises cannot legally serve them alcohol.
– Excluded customers cannot return to the venue for 24 hours & are required by law to move more than 50 meters away from the premises.
– If an excluded person fails to comply then they are committing an offence and can be prosecuted by police.
– The Amble Inn is an active member of the Coffs Harbour Liquor Accord.

As outlined by OLGR the general signs that a patron may mbe intoxicated include:
(a) The persons speech, balance, co-ordination or behaviour is noticeably affected, and
(b) It is reasonable in the circumstances to believe that the affected speech, balance, co-ordinaton or behaviour is the result of the consumption of liquor.

If in doubt – No admission – No liquor service – Consult with Supervisor – Remove from premises – Call for police assistance if required.

– Prominently display all legally required RSA signage.
– Promote low-alcohol liquor and other non-alcoholic drinks.
– Provide quality food.
– Avoid unacceptable and illegal liquor promotions.
– Provide transport options – Courtesy Bus Available.
– No high alcohol content shots, shooters or doubles will be served after 8.30pm (Monitored depending on event – eg. NO SHOTS at all on ANZAC DAY OR NEW YEARS EVE)
– Staff will be appropriately trained on the responsible service of alcohol.
– An incident Register will be maintained for all licensing matters.
– A register of RSA accredited staff will be maintained by the hotel.

– Patrons are to Respect the local environment particularly when arriving and departing from the area. Please respect our community.
– Patrons are expected to treat staff and other customers with respect at all times whilst on the premises.
– Patrons must be properly attired at all times. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times.
– Minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult and are not permitted in authorized area.